The new Pianolift2

 Designed and distributed by the company Pianolift in association with CTE lift, the new pianolift2 is patented in Europe under the number FR 1250045.

Any kind of piano of any brand, whether  concert grand pianos or baby grand ones, can now be moved by one person without any effort. It has been designed and tested to handle and tip over pianos weighing up to 600kgs. 



(Click on image to see the entire démonstration vidéo)



No other accessory is needed apart from the pianolift, neither fixed sled nor screws.

Loading is made much quicker and easier.   



 Besides the numerous advantages offered by the basic model –pianoplan- like moving pianos and climbing staircases, the  new hydraulic function of pianolift2  gently tips over the piano with its three legs and the lyre, directly on the tray of the pianolift and set it back on its feet very easily.


The piano is lifted with its three legs and the lyre by an hydraulic arm which takes support directly under the woodblock, the strongest part of the instrument.

It is fastened on the machine by only two classic belts, and then tipped over in vertical position.


Once the legs are set back, Pianoplan will get back to its original size. Adding on new hydraulic features has not increased the size or width of the original model.






What are the advantages of the new pianolift2

 Handling is made easy. Only one person is required to load and unload a concert piano from a vehicle and set it up on stage.

♥ No other accessory is needed. Everything is included in the pianolift. Only two common belts are used

 Any kind of grand piano can be lifted

 The piano is gently loaded in complete safety without risk of shock nor scratch.

 The speeds of rise and descent of the instrument during the lifting are adjustable at will.

 The piano lands on its legs very slowly without any shock.

 The pianolift will adapt if rails are present on the side of the piano.

 It's possible to put down the piano directly on chocks and on the side. The pianolift gets free then directly by the front of the piano without needing to take out the front draw of the pianolift.

♥ The system can be adapted to all existing pianoplans and  even to older models. (consult us).

♥ An option for upright is available



 Numerous professionals in many countries already use the pianolift. (click on the tab "references").

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